Monday, 2 September 2013

late nights..
hanging around in the streets..
braving the cold in pyjamas..

Its so rock n roll at bluebelle vintage.... or is it?
erh no!
i'll come clean....we have a visiting hedgehog!!
we love his visits so much we stay up late and brave the dark in our pjs with a torch & 
a handfull of meal worms in the hope of spotting him..
(our neighbours gave us the mealworm inside info - they visit them as well)

and yesterdays big tada was he brought his wife to see us too!
they actually ate worms and stayed with us until we were soooo cold 
we had to go back to our lovely (vintage of course!) beds
...oh and have a brandy for medicinal purposes (any excuse!)
It felt like such a treat for him to bring his he was actually introducing her to us!
I feel truly honoured to have Mr & Mrs Hedgehog in my life :)
Roll on 11pm! 

vintage love xx

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