Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas and New year decorations should be kitsch in my opinion.
and as you can see from my fav photos I live by this statement to the letter!
and in the words of Nigella Lawson...
"i'm on the train to naff central station and i'm not getting off any time soon" 

have a fantastically magical start to 2013
vintage love xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Its officially christmas in my house as the tree has arrived!
sounds i have a tree delivery service doesnt it...but no
what actually happened is the lovely garden centre man took pity on me trying to squeeze my large tree into a small car so offered to drop it off for me in the van...for free I might add..the lovely man even stood holding trees upright so i could see every angle as I'm a very picky tree buying customer..and I get so excited at the meer sight of a christmas tree that i buy a tree that not only will not fit in my car... 
it probably won't fit in my house!
ooh i do love christmas :)

vintage love xxx