Thursday, 31 May 2012

sorry vintage lovelies been away but back with a vintage dash of jubilee loveliness!
£2 flag transformed into a 50's skirt for the jubilee street party for my daughter...

Enjoy the jubilee long weekend!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

With all the rain my renovation projects are taking a back seat :( 

so  i've been busy looking for lovely stock for my upcoming stalls..

I had a fantastic time this week at the auctions & antique shops 
I bought 14 beautiful 1940's glass cake stands ..
now all gleaming in the sunshine & waiting for the jubilee vintage fair!
and whats better than using one vintage cakestand?
Stacking 3!! and filling them with mini meringues :)

and my funniest auction purchase..
yes they are vintage potties
(suggestions on uses? other than the obvious :)

My favourite buy this week is..mouse shaped cheese knife 
i know its sort of tacky but i loved him & shall be using him for my 
numerous cheese feast suppers!
and one that got away...
a stunning royal albert set that sold for £125

but don't worry i did buy some gorgeous teacups, teapots & plates
and 2 fab chairs to this space!