Thursday, 18 April 2013

this word fills most people with dread of shoe box sized living...
but thats exactly it..i've just moved from a farmhouse to a tiny cottage..
i won't say it isn't difficult to begin with, i didn't realise just how many books we have between us until they were all in one place!!

(only joking-that isn't our house really :)

and who needs 19 vintage suitcases! apparently me...
so here's a few inventive uses for a stash of too beautiful to part with vintage suitcases


 but on the up side I finally feel i am living without a clod hopper steel toe capped size carbon footprint, which is important to me.

my biggest grumble on week 3 of the downsizing house move is...
 its difficult to find a quiet place that someone else hasn't already found...
so i guess i'll have to practice being a little more social!

vintage love & remember to breathe xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Don't you just love carboot and table top sales!!
where else could you find a little shelf unit for £5

Time to clean, sand, paint (4 coats) distress and beeswax!
Then she'll be ready to come with me the next MK event in June

Happy half term hols everyone!