Wednesday, 1 May 2013

its sunny!!!!!

How I love the sun!
it makes me feel happier and healthier
(more reasons to move to the south of france!)
and it makes me want to be in the garden 

so today i bought 10 old cable reels and sat in the garden pondering what to do with them..

(They are one of my favourite things to work on)

here's a few projects..

au naturel 
£25-40 depending on size
perfect for the garden 
(can be varnished or beeswaxed)
or as a bedside table

or use as a coffee table 

a more ambitious project - bookcase carousel @£45


and a bit of fun - requires lots of sanding and takes forever to get it as neat as this & uses oodles of rope
(hence its more expensive @£65)

 so come along and see me at my next event in Matlock in June
where they'll be ready to buy & love
Find me at 

vintage love & take time to smile at the beautiful blue sky this week...