Wednesday, 25 April 2012

soooo excited about my latest vintage buy!
Now i know it needs a little bit of work...
and we all wonder how i fitted it in my morris minor 
(i'll be honest i didn't fit in my very lovely Mr Bluebelle picked it up for me in his car :)
and we'll forget i got too excited bidding on ebay and bid on something located 2 hours away so it cost me lots in petrol & time...and that i was then so indebted to Mr Bluebelle i had to buy him a pub lunch on the way home!
we'll just enjoy looking at it and when this rain stops...i'll be sanding and repairing my 1940's gem of a butchers bike so its ready for the vintage fair on sunday 24th june

Item image

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Here we are again...
more bargain buys and unfinished projects...oh and a quite a lot of old buckets :)
but an exciting week non the less...
i've been looking for a vintage fair that has more home/furniture ,
 and has interesting vintage clothes from different eras,

And so we have formed leicester vintage fair in the Guildhall 
every month..finally a fair with homewares & furniture
as well as unique vintage style accessories & quality clothing!
Perfect in every way
keep an eye on the website

oh and i promise i'll finish those tables i started 2 weeks ago!
i  got side tracked on my caravan project..she'll be lovely one day!
(i think shes lovely already)

this weekend...i'm going to pop into 
Enjoy your weekend vintage lovelies!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

oh my goodness!
You have to go to the Newarke Fair
as you know i went to choose my pitch for the June newarke fair 
what a jolly day was had by little old me :)
the place is full of weird and wonderful vintage with 4000 stalls
this is the creepiest thing i saw for sale
and the weirdest..yes it is a real fox!! 
what an earth would you do with it?
and my favourite item -
that Mr bluebelle had to drag me away whilst listening to me scream..
"its perfect for my farmhouse in france...."

(we don't actually have a farmhouse in france although i do have a table, 2 chairs, a double bed & a garden chair for it  - i like to be prepared :) it was a snip at £1000!
pop along and see my little pitch at the june newarke fair!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Holidays
Making the most of two weeks off!
I'm taking a break on my narrowboat for a few days..
its been rainy, windy & cold but this morning I woke up to sun
and the canal seems to be bursting with moorhen chicks!
They look just like floating black pom poms!
soooo cute!
And a side effect of rain is i have been eating mountains of cake 
whilst i curl up with a good book waiting for the rain to stop!
Back home tomorrow (full of cake) after a few days afloat!
(yes i ate the whole cake :)
Another adventure planned for Friday 13th April
as i'm off for a jolly day at Newarke Antique Fair 
Looking for fabulous new vintage items all for me..
oops i mean for my vintage stall of course :)
i'll be sure to take photos of my favourite treasures to share with you.

Monday, 9 April 2012

This weeks Project

An old set of little tables! from 1970's
£20.50 from good old ebay
They have a few Marks on the top and the woods to dark for my liking
but they are excellent quality, a lovely shape & solid mahogany,
so i'll have a go at re-inventing them shabby chic style in time for Nottingham Vintage fair!
You'll need 
tables :)
paint brush
Most people would use eggshell but i like to use emulsion as its not so strong smelling, its cheaper, more eco, better colour choice, easier to wash my brushes and allows me to build up the depth of colour and easier to sand for a distressed look - but you'll need beeswax or varnish as well if using emulsion
i'll explain it all in my next blog!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Easter flowers in an old teapot
(flowers aren't just for vases in my house :)
Thank you to my lovely friend who gave them to me!
Happy Easter!
The finished sweet cart!
I love the way it turned out!
The roof is 2 sheets of Mdf covered in an old vintage sheet,
 bunting for the edge, all fabric is stapled gunned on.
You can see the 4 stair posts support the roof, 
The old wheel was off a wheel barrow planter
& it all had 4 coats of emulsion, distressed & then waxed.
Filled with jars of sweets, sugar mice & little paper bags
 for a lovely vintage sweet cart look.
Total cost - £37.95
(could work out much cheaper if you have table/board etc already)
Table £10
4 post (1.99 each) £7.96
Wheel (free)
Mdf 8.99 
Fabric sheet £3 (car boot)
Jars - £1 each but you could use empty jam jars for free!
Paint - left over from decorating so free!
Top part is removable so it can fit in a car and be stored a little easier.

It has been to a couple of vintage fairs and looked fantastic
 Its is now having a jolly time doing the rounds of family parties!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A latest purchase from gumtree for £10 (i didnt even haggle)
A little side table that i intend to turn into a sweet stall 
shopping list...
table (erh yes i already have this!)
4 bannister thingies
sheet of mdf  (1220x1220mm)
2metres fabric
sweet jars & jam jars
sweets (yay)
2 lil' wheels

strictly speaking this is a family project but i wanted to share it :)
New to this blogging lark but think i will love sharing the many adventures (and disasters) of renovating and reinventing vintage and unloved furniture and homewares...and sometimes caravans, cars and even my boat :)

hmmm...just need to figure out how to post and there'll be no stopping me!
I promise to share at least one project/idea every week!