Monday, 26 November 2012

vintage sheet music from 1936 = a song bird
£2 for three
I'm only at 2 fairs in December
to find me please visit 

I love apothecary paraphernalia but its sooooo expensive to buy genuine jars..
So in my usual thrifty mode i dug out the box of jars i bought from an auction last month 
and made my own labels to create a cheap apothecary display for a shelf in my study
i love them :) although they'll probably end up on my vintage stall at 
some point when i want  a new display so look out for them!
if the glasses are plain and you want it to look like its had a coloured medicine in...just get some food colouring and add it to water - 1/2 or 3/4 fill the bottle - pop the bottle on the radiator and let the water'll be left with a film of colour around the bottle like dried out medicine...eventually! but make sure its a radiator where it can't be knocked off & you'll have to be patient as its takes a while to evaporate

Monday, 19 November 2012

Have you seen this hen?
i've just discovered one of my hens has gone awol..Margo- perhaps she's had enough of my shabby chic approach to keeping the predictors out and has moved to a delightful space aged looking plastic egglu that she thinks is safer through the winter...


so after the demise of my favourite hen Gert last week i'm down to just 3 hens..
.and margo is my blue egg layer who lays cream eggs
(but thats another story..:)
Posters have been put up in the village but no sign of her yet...
so if you see a ginger hen with a funny hair do - who should lay blue eggs but is the one in a million legbar who lays cream..shes mine & i miss her!!
Vintage love to you wherever you are Margo xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

After a busy summer and an even busier return to uni (yes at my age :)
its time to restart this blog lark...
i've loved having a stall at newarke out of the back of my much loved English vintage camper but not sure i'm an outdoor in winter & rain sort of stall holder 
so its back to just a handful of indoor events this winter...

Wednesday 28th November - Sharnford Evergreen hall 
Saturday 1st Dec & Sunday 2nd Dec - Leicester Guildhall Christmas fair

I really really love the winter..
I love wooly tights and boots, open fires and chilly walks
November always seemed a sort of in-between month for me..summers a distant memory & i'm waiting for December (my birthday & christmas :) 
so lets give November a purpose..Try something new month... 
something you haven't tried before..or haven't done for a long time... you never know where it will lead...

Happy November