Friday, 29 June 2012

Rain Rain Rain has stopped me working on my new camper harriets bodywork...Boo & Hiss!
so i have spent the time re-inventing a few of my hoarded pieces of treasure for swinderby next month..
Usually i paint eveything in clunch by farrow & ball but i went a bit wild yesterday & used....
Grey! A really dark grey by annie sloan and love it!
I wonder if swinderby is ready for non cream furniture....
Todays project.....
i want to make my camper as eco as possible..those of you who drive old cars & campers know they aren't the most eco car to use...but i'm trying to lower our impact on our lovely earth my only using recycled and natural materials... so todays plan is to transform these crates into cupboard doors for her...
Watch this space.....i'll post my finished article over the weekend -

This weekend in Leicestershire....
i'll be helping  at the fantastic 'songs for ela' charity event
making.... bee stations... flowers for tired bees :)
& taking my junk trunk to creat old school retro cornflake box robots!
A fantastic family event for a fantastic charity & in memory of a fantastic little girl xx
if you are in leicestershire on saturday get in touch for details

Sunday, 24 June 2012

woohoo, its nearly monday! 
Now i know Monday isn't everyones favourite day but i love Mondays!
funny working week (&working weekends) means Monday is my Saturday.. so its time for a jolly day :)
so its off on my boats for a day & a canalside pub lunch..and a hunt around a feW antique shops...

Friday, 22 June 2012

with the caravan & my daughters huge 2 storey playhouse gone in the same week 
the garden felt empty...
yes you guessed it another project is underway...
the safari vintage caravan i bought a couple of months back that has stood in my stable yard being renovated is now in the garden awaiting its final transformation into her new den..
i have something like this in mind...
but i think she has something more along these lines in mind...
so watch this space......

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Goodbye my lovely Pearl...
renamed Betty by her lovely new owners Yasmin & Grace
Enjoy holidays and high days in your little gem of a caravan!
much vintage love to all 3 of you  xx

and the start of a new adventure...the latest addition to the family
Meet my super sweet & pretty scruffy new camper - yet to be named.
We are going to spend this summer on the road hippy camper style - doing things we love.. like reading, eating & festival-ing!

St Augustine : ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’

Monday, 11 June 2012

Rain rain rain rain rain .....and more rain!
thank goodness most fairs are inside...
(please stop raining before newarke...its vintage heaven when its sunny)
but i know two lovelies who are delighted with this weather...
Rose & Iris the runners!
back to more serious-ish vintage projects... (well not tooo serious :)
my next fair is sunday vintage
sunday 24th june
& i've been busy sourcing lots of lovely vintage including some larger items that would be perfect for the garden & a real bbq talking point! i've been to fantastic auctions and
mangle, old washtubs, victorian clothes airers...and even a couple of vintage bikes!
and my favourite items.....
victorian potties!! They make perfect planters!
(pot up with sweet peas for a real bbq conversation you get it?
potty - peas - you pee in a potty ...oh well i  give up!)


infact anything makes a perfect planter! even old tins :)

vintage love xx